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Candi Buddha di Jawa Tengah

One Day Borobudur Tour By Cruise

One day Borobudur Tour is Shore excursion suggested for all cruise ship passengers embark at Tanjung Emas Semarang port to visit Borobudur temple The biggest Buddhist temple built at 9th century by Sailendra Dynasty, as the heritage from the golden age of civilization of  in Java Island  its architecture that considered as symbolized of macro-cosmic. Its main tourist destination when you ships pass through Indonesian Archipelagos at Central Java where you ship stop at Semarang Port.

This Borobudur Tour is special organized for all cruise passengers in private Tour that escorted by tour guide or shared tour.  Borobudur tour by cruise is must do tour package,  We highly recommend Semarang Tour (  as off shore local tour operator that organize tour to visit Borobudur in One day  Tour.


Borobudur and Prambanan Tour from Semarang Port

Borobudur Prambanan Tour 
is a one day tour from Semarang Port that s  shore excursions offered to visit both Borobudur Temple the world’s biggest Buddhist ancient monument built at 8th century and Prambanan Temple the most biggest Hindu temples complex in central Java built at 9th century from Semarang Port. Borobudur Prambanan Tour Package only suggested if your ship stay longer at Semarang Port with departure after 19.00…further information

We recommend SEMARANG TOUR as local tour operator that offers special tour Package to visit Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple in One day  from Semarang Port specialized organized for all cruise passengers embark at Tanjung Emas Semarang Port


Mencari Jawatan Kereta Sewa di Jogjakarta ?

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Harga Tiket Borobudur Sunrise Tour

Ingin mengunjungi candi Borobudur pada saat yang paling indah ?

Coba datanglah ke candi Borobudur pada saat matahari terbit. Alasan mengapa mesti ke Borobudur pada saat pagi hari adalah
1. Udara disekitar candi masih dingin
2. Letak matahari masih sangat rendah sehingga memungkinkan untuk membuat foto dengan pencahayaan yang sangat kotras den berwarna
3. Balum banyak pengunjung
Akan tetapi untuk menikmati keindahan Borobudur  disaat matahari terbit kita harus berangkat dari Jogjakarta ke Borobudur dari hotel pada pukul 03.30 karena perjalanan memerlukan waktu 1 jam.

Ingin menikmati Borobudur Sunrise ? Sebelum memutuskan untuk  mengambil tour ini ada disarankan untuk memimbang karena  dengan  budged yang anda siapkan  untuk membeli tiket masuk.  Informasi terbaru harga tiket masuk Borobudur sunrise adalah:
1. Wisatawan Domestik: RP 230.000
2. Anak-anak Domestik: RP 125.000

Untuk sebagaian orang Indonesia  harga tersebut  dianggap tidak masuk akal  untiuk ukuran mereka padahal harga di atas adalah sangat murah mengingat Borobudur adalah  mahakarya  terbesar bangsa Indonesia menjadi  satu dari tempat exotis di dunia  sekelas dengan Piramid di Mesir ataupun Tour Eiffel di Paris. sehingga artis Holywood seperti Julia Robert sampai dengan Zack Zuckerberg pemilik Facebook pun sampai tertarik datang ke Borobudur untuk menikmati matahari terbit.

Sayangnya memang ada sebagian orang kita yang membuat comment  tiket mahal borobudur sunrise mahal, mereka adalah orang-orang yang tidak punya apresiasi dengan mahakarya bangsa indonesia, mereka lupa kalau ke mall, membeli 1 loyang Pizza dengan harga RP 300.000 tidak pernah komplain.

Borobudur Surise Tour

Never miss  to enjoy the beauty of Borobudur Temple ?

Borobudur Sunrise Tour, a special Borobudur tour package organized by departure from Jogjakarta to catch the magnificent sunrise and see the panoramic view of Mount Merapi and Merbabu on the top of legendary Buddhist temple built at 8th century located on the middle of the Java Island “Borobudur Temple” that means “monastery on the hill” where the temple will be in very spectacular  view with golden sunlight.

Why Borobudur Sunrise Tour on the top of Borobudur  ?
Borobudur Sunrise Tour is very recommended tour to visit Borobudur temple, because you could enjoy the most splendor view of Borobudur temple with reason as followed:
1. It will not  too crowded with the local people (June, July and  August is the public and school holiday in Indonesia, it will be more the people on all parts or Borobudur temple)
2. Not too hot with sun bright (I will very hot after 08.00 to 16.00 h)
3. You could take peacefully the best  photos of Borobudur temple in the morning



Tour itinerary is as followed:
03.30 – pick up from your hotel in Jogjakarta pick up and transfer to Borobudur
04.30 – 06.00 arrive at Borobudur stay enjoy Sunrise and see the panoramic view in its surrounding see the sun rise between  the Merapi and Merbabu on the eastern ..
07.00 – visit the temple see the relief story of Buddha depicting on the wall of the temple
08.00 – take morning cafe in Manohara Resort inside the complex of  Borobudur Temple
08.30 – back to your hotel in Jogjakarta stop over at Mendut Temple
10.00 – arrive at hotel and  end of service

Our Service will included
1. Transport with minivan air conditioned
2. Entrances  tickets to Borobudur
3. Local tour guide
4. morning cafe at Manohara

1. all personal expenses

We highly recommend Borobudur Sunrise Tour   ( as reliable tour operator that organize tour to visit Borobudur  to see sunrise on the top of Borobudur temple  Please  contact us !

After Borobudur Sunrise Tour you may be adjusted
1. Prambanan Temple tour  to visit The biggest and most beautifull Hindu temple in Java
2. Yogyakarta city tour To Visit Jogjakarta Sultan Palace (Kraton) and Taman Sari the water castle with continue to Prambanan temple tour

Yogya Tour Indonesia

You seek an reliable tour operator and travel service in Jogjakarta ?

Yogya Tours Indonesia ( is very recommended tour operator and travels service  located in Jogjakarta  for you to visit the tourist objects in Jogjakarta  Yogya Tours Indonesia is a travel shop offering the tour service to visit Jogjakarta such as:

Jogjakarta Tour Packages
Yogya Tour Indonesia ( has a good experience to provide the best tour package on regular tour package or tour package by client request for individual or by group. We offer tour packages both local tour package such as: Borobudur One day Yogyakarta Dieng Tour Package or overland tour package such as: Jogjakarta Bromo Ijen Tour Package.

Rent Car in Jogjakarta
Yogya Tour Indonesia c( offer you the rent car service to run the tour itineraries as mentioned as tour package use all new kind of coach and conducted by English speaking driver

Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen Tour (5 days 4 Nights)
This tour package allow you to visit tourist attractions such as Jogjakarta, visit Borobudur, visit Bromo and visit Ijen Crater before transfer to Bali. Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen Tour Itinerary is as followed:

Day 01Arrival at Yogyakarta Prambanan Temple Tour
On arrival in Yogyakarta airport pick up and Visit Prambanan the biggest and the most beautifull hindu temple in Java where we could see the Ramayan History depicting on the wall of the temple , direct transfer to hotel for overnight.

Day 02 Yogyakarta City Tour and Borobudur Temple Tour
Breakfast at hotel. Morning, proceed Yogya City Sightseeing visiting Kraton (Sultan’s Palace), Bird Market, Water Castle, Sonobudoyo Museum, Batik Home Industry and Silversmith at Kotagede with its processing and beautiful collections. Then, drive to Borobudur to admire one of the wonder worlds, Borobudur temple. On the way back to Yogya, visit Mendut and Pawon temples as well. Overnight at Santika. In the evening drive to Purawisata to have dinner and see the Ramayana Ballet Performance (as optional program)

Day 03 Yogyakarta Transfer to Bromo
Breakfast at hotel. Morning. drive to Bromo with stop at Solo visiting Mangkunegaran Palace and Triwindhu Antique Market. Then continued to Bromo for overnight at hotel in Bromo Area

Day 04 Bromo Tour and Transfer to Banyuwangi
Morning call at 03.00 AM and start BROMO TOUR at 04.00 AM to enjoy the Panoramic view of Tengger (Bromo and Semeru) and the splendid sunrise at Penanjakan the proceed to Mt. Bromo crater through the shimmering sea of sand. Breakfast at hotel. Leaving for Ijen crater via Banyuwangi

Day 05 Ijen Crater Tour and transfer to Bali
Breakfast at Guest House. Early morning depart to the whole day excursion to Mt. Ijen. Ijen Crater shows a special type of volcanic feature common to Indonesia, about 1 km in diameter and 175 meters deep. The floor is covered completely by a warm lake, milky blue green in color, held back by a dam built many years ago by the Dutch, in order to keep the hot mineral, laden water from raining for the crop lands below. Trekking down the mountain and rejoin the coach and directly drive to Ketapang, Banyuwangi, the ferry harbour, to cross to Gilimanuk harbour Bali. Three hours later you will arrive at your hotel in Kuta / Sanur / Nusa Dua area.

– 2 Nights at Jogjakarta
– 1 Night at Bromo
– 1 Night at Banyuwangi
2. Transport with AC Van
3. All entrances fees and admission
4. Local Tour guide
5. Jeep 4×4
6   Ferry boat fees

Need assistance or buy this tour package please contact us

Visiting Borobudur From Semarang

Visit BorobudurBorobudur temple is a biggest Buddhist temple in the world built at 8th century by Sanjaya Dynasty  located in central Java of Indonesia, Borobudur means Monastery on the hill as the temple built on the hill. This temple compound by 10 levels that symbolize the spiritual life in Buddhism. Visit Borobudur is the “must do” shore excursions or tour package very suggested during your ship docking at Tanjung Emas semarang Port.

Proudly introducing Borobudur Holiday (Tour Operator and Travel Service) a local tour operator and travel service located  in Jogjakarta, has very good experiences to provide tour package for  individual or your group to visit Borobudur Temple the biggest monument Buddhist in the world from Tanjung Emas Semarang Port. Borobudur Holiday offers Borobudur  tour for individual or for group tour on request (customized tour package).

Herewith we inform you tour itinerary of One Day Borobudur Tour Package from Semarang Port as followed;

The ship docking at “Tanjung Mas” Semarang Port/pier.
Meeting service with tour guide and depart to Borobudur Temple pass through the bustling route, see the countryside a long the route
Arrive at the Borobudur Temple, visiting the temple and learning the story of Buddha Gautama story on the relief depicting on walls of Borobudur Temple (on walk), the magnificent panoramic view around of Borobudur temple
The lunch time at local restaurant or Use your rest of your time to visit handicrafts home industry.
13.30 stop in Ambarawa (if the time permit) for coffee plantations or the old locomotive museum at Ambarawa where there are 21 old steam trains in the museum and mostly production of Esslingen, Henschel, Hartmann Chemnitz [Germany] and operated by Dutch in Indonesia.
Go back to Semarang Port to rejoin your ship
Arrive Tanjung Mas Semarang Port

You need professional assistance for your self or for your group to visit Borobudur from Semarang Port, please contact by click here !