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Willkommen Konco HPI Jogja

Welcome to an official Jogja Tour Guide associations web, the only online organizing tour community managed by Jogja Regional Board of Indonesian Tour Guide Association (ITGA).

We would like to inform part of ITGA activities, their membership, task programmed, guiding technique, interest sightseeing and destinations, their jobs to make tourists in satisfaction, feel at home in new local culture and so on about tourism industry. Those our commitment to be excellent and competence as a professional Tour Guide.

But the main acknowledgment we want improve the national Guides society still in a progress with all world tourism community and stakeholders, such as every body knows who is guide, their jobs, life or habit. Why they must learn and learn more about multi discipline subjects than all professional scientists, social workers, journalists or informal business man. Tour Guide must be a positive and forward looking, that’s all of these information we talk about.

Evidently this is a local official Tour Guide Forum. So we want all participant active Members of Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia (HPI) Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta remain again their associations tasks. Massage to understand to all Jogja Guide as individual task to improve tourism knowledge, daily attitude and still look up jobs skill any how and whenever they work.

Peace before you. Salam Nusantara for Jogja!

Modin – oi

Moderator in charge